NFT Hold to Earn
Onde brings innovation into the NFT space by providing monthly crypto rewards to Onde NFT holders. When someone buys Onde NFT, Onde Finance invests 90% of the proceeds to various opportunities such as trading, yield farming and play to earn games. Onde NFT holders will get part of the profit simply by holding the NFT in their wallet and claiming the reward on Onde Finance website once a month. These rewards can be increased even higher by upgrading your Onde NFT with Onde token.
This makes it extremely easy for beginners and experts alike to start enjoying the benefits of crypto investment such as high interest rates and diversification without the complexity.
Since NFTs are not as liquid as cryptocurrencies, they are also less volatile and the value of your investment will be more stable over the long term. In the future, we are also planning to enable Onde NFT’s to be used as a collateral in our future borrowing and lending protocol.
Step 1
Holders buy Onde NFT and hold. Onde NFT will be available in limited quantities. In later phases, NFTs are also upgradable with more benefits.
Step 2
Onde Team will manage the treasury across multiple crypto opportunities and return part the profit back to holders.
Step 3 Holder Reward is redeemable every month through Onde Finance website dashboard. They are able to claim in USDT or Onde Token (once token is released in Phase 2). Holders can boost their NFT monthly reward by locking Onde Token
Step 4
Holders have the option to sell the NFTs in the secondary marketplace.