Today, many people are losing their wealth because they do not have the knowledge or the will to invest their money properly. Not long ago, it was possible to get around 5% or more interest on personal savings from a bank. Times have changed, and there is a great deal of money stored in bank accounts without earning interest and even costing additional fees.
Investing in Crypto Currencies is one of the ways to build life changing wealth. However, this incredible opportunity has a high technical barrier to enter and requires a thorough learning curve.
Trading is the first obvious way to make money from the wild swings of crypto price fluctuations, however it takes dedication and trial and error before one can make a stable income from trading. 90% of traders lose money and on average make less return than simply holding BTC or ETH on a 5 year time frame.
A more stable way to generate income is DeFi or Decentralized Finance, where people can earn interest by providing liquidity for decentralized exchanges or lending and borrowing protocols. However, the average defi user has difficulties navigating all the steps required to deposit, provide liquidity, stake, harvest, withdraw, etc to actually realize gains or have the skills or knowledge to determine what is safe and where the best ROI will come from as they struggle to keep up with ever evolving landscape. Defi is constantly evolving with new chains emerging with new opportunities.
The newest hype is NFT, with more than $27 Billion in NFT transactions generated in 2021, NFTs are gaining momentum through collections of digital-first memorabilia from artists, sport athletes and games. However, most of these projects offer little intrinsic value beyond its subjective cosmetic appearance. NFT investments are not as liquid as cryptocurrencies and also do not provide cashflow to the holder.
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